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We pride ourselves in providing interpreters that deliver not only linguistic excellence but also cultural competence, making the interpretation more complete and accurate.

On-Site Interpreting

Our professional interpreters come to you! Schedule for next week or for same day. Resolute Interpreting maintains a > 90% fill rate for last minute requests. So when you need us, we are there.

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Telephonic Interpreting

Our most robust language offering, telephonic interpreting gives you access to 200+ languages with a single number. Our connection times our fast and our rates are competitive. All interpreters are tested for proficiency and accuracy twice yearly and have a minimum of 2 years professional interpreting experience making our service nothing less than elite.

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Video Interpreting

Connect with an interpreter via video day or night with just the click of a button. Services can be accessed using most any modern, internet accessible device with a camera (including iPhone, iPad, and Android). Interpreters work from secure call centers and are available on-demand 24-7.

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Document Translation

Our highly trained team of translators carefully and accurately translate your documents using both linguistic and cultural considerations to ensure your message is accurately received in the target language. Each document is translated and then double checked by a second translator.

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We also offer TypeWell transcription service. This allows a transcriber to provide a real time, written transcript in the classroom, board room, and everywhere in between. This services is different from CART in that it synthesizes the essence of the discussion and captures it in written form. Great for Hard of Hearing students in a classroom setting.

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